“What must be done will be done, regardless of what it takes. Sisu is the strength, persistent determination and resolve to continue to overcome adversity... an almost magical quality, a combination of stamina, perseverance, courage, and determination held in reserve for difficult times” - SISU

About Us


We are part of an innovative and dynamic charity specializing in facilitating funding for government approved humanitarian and related commercial projects around the world, working within an ethical and socially responsible remit. Our team is vibrant and passionate in all that we do, with our values centering around caring for people, communities and the planet, and using our business vehicle as a force for good; quite simply, “to do the right thing” and help create a better world.

In the current global economic crisis, when many nations, due to budget deficits, lack the necessary funding for vital projects, and many battle with poverty, starvation, a lack of basic medicine, breakdown of law and order, and young people suffering from a lack of hope, and whilst many countries are having their resources stripped, we help by linking available funding to worthwhile projects around the world, and with our politically neutral approach we are able to take our work into as many countries as possible.

We operate across global humanitarian and commercial fund management and use our capabilities, resources and experience to work with governments and project owners in prioritizing humanitarian assistance. We work in a unique way and the specialist, sustainable, funding which we can facilitate provides access to huge potential for growth and progress for partnering nations.

Our team of four Directors take a very hands-on approach on furthering our humanitarian work and are supported by an international team of like minded individuals who work under the Sisu Charitable Trust umbrella and use their professional skill sets, experience, knowledge and local connections to link with their local governments and project owners to address the most pressing local needs in their communities and who work extremely hard on project management, thus helping to bring about meaningful change to their respective countries.